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About Our Brewery

Welcome to our brewery page! Here at Urban Comfort we are proud to be the only restaurant and brewery in downtown St Pete. We do our best to have an option for everyone and make beers that we enjoy ourselves. That means a wide range of styles are available from authentic Hefeweizens to Stouts and Bohemian Pilsners to IPAs. Easy drinking beers such as our St Pete Lager and high gravity beers like our fruit bochs. Our focus is to make beers that are drinkable and that you can enjoy more than one of. Our selection is rotating so if there’s something you’d like to see us brew let us know!

Warning! Beer nerds section – enter at your own risk!


Just like our commitment inside of our kitchen to do everything from scratch, we hold ourselves to the highest standards with our brewing. That means no chemicals, extracts or preservatives are added to our beers. We even carbonate our beers differently! Instead of pumping in CO2 we allow the beers to carbonate themselves. You’ll notice the difference in your beer with the continuous flow of tiny bubbles and a smoother mouthfeel when you drink.

Being disciplined with our approach to beer is the first step, but we also need to have the equipment to follow through on our commitment. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in our European style system that gives us the capability to do step-up infusion and even decoction.

In summary, what’s the difference between our system and a normal brewing system is the ability to conduct protein rests, thoroughly mix our grain while in the mash tun because it has a paddle, whirlpool after the boil, and to naturally carbonate our beer. If you have any questions or would like clarification on anything written above please feel free to contact us, we love talking about beer!


Franz, Master Brewer