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URBAN Creamery is the fourth concept under the URBAN brand. We’ve made it our focus to make our own ice cream on site and waffles from scratch to construct balanced and creative dessert combinations. There are three reasons why we decided to take on this challenge.

We live in a city that holds the world record for consecutive sunshine days and there’s nothing that can take you back to being a kid like a sunny day and an ice cream cone.

St Pete is home to 1 of only 2 dairy plants in the state that receive milk straight from the farmers and their free grazing cows. Having this great resource in our backyard enables us to have some of the freshest ice cream possible.

We love ice cream! Savory waffles, sweet ice cream, creamy milkshakes….of course we want to make this stuff!


From ice cream to waffle batter, it's all made from scratch. Urban Creamery is a brand born in St Pete and has gained recognition from critics and customers alike. It's an exciting time to be a part of the Urban family because of the opportunity; we've opened five concepts in four years and we plan to keep growing!

Join us along our way to becoming an employee owned company and experience what a young, enthusiastic company has to offer. Please submit a resume if you have one and anything you think is important about yourself or your experience. We look forward to hearing from you!