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Our Brands

URBAN Creamery
URBAN Creamery is a dessert shop that makes its own ice cream and Belgian waffles. Located next to the state theater and bustling artist block it’s perfect for a quick treat or a dessert after a great meal.

URBAN Brew and BBQ
URBAN Comfort is the sister restaurant to URBAN Brew and BBQ which was established in 2013 and has been privileged enough to be named a top 50 restaurant in Tampa Bay by the Tampa Bay Times as well as receive other awards. Because the restaurants are related their catering menus are intertwined and participation at events shared. We hope you enjoy both!

URBAN Provisions
URBAN Provisions is our third offering to St Petersburg and stays true to what is central to URBAN – making American food from scratch. The food we’ve focused on with Provisions is the iconic deli fare paired with craft beer.

URBAN Catering
Full catering service that is able to draw menu items from both restaurants and more. On site grilling and smoking available.